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What to do when you suspect you are being spied on

What to do when you suspect you are being spied on

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What to Do When You Need Help

First, here's what not to do. If you suspect that your phone is tapped or your office is bugged, don't call us from there. Don't even call us from that building. Go to a non-suspect phone in a non-potential target area – such as a pay phone you've never used before, in a place you don't frequent. Many individuals and even corporate executives fail to recognize this simple but very important point. Never use a cellular telephone under these circumstances. Any written information, press materials, or documents from our firm should always be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Don't leave any evidence of our firm or relationship where inappropriate people could see it. Be careful how you implement any immediate changes in policy, procedure, or physical security. Dramatic changes will tip off would-be eavesdroppers/information thieves and, in turn, jeopardize a successful sweep or the possibility of catching and prosecuting the appropriate individuals. We can make the necessary recommendations for policy changes, information security, document destruction, and physical security as well as other types of "countermeasures" that clients can employ themselves. Many of these recommendations should only be implemented in conjunction with professional TSCM services. Contact Empire Investigations to find out more about how we can help.