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Residue Drug Testing

Residue Drug Testing

Have you noticed unexplainable changes in a family member or colleague? Get your questions answered in a discrete non-confrontational setting. Empire can test personal objects and samples for the presence of illegal substances.

Where should you test?

Test surfaces in your home or business that the suspect is in frequent contact with such as:

  • Doorknobs, furniture, railings, countertops, latches, handles (refrigerator, microwave, kitchen cabinet pulls, etc). You will need to stop cleaning these surfaces to collect residue, as nearly all drugs are water-soluble.
  • Family computer keyboard and mouse
  • Family video, gaming and TV remote controls
  • Phones
  • Light switches
  • Windows, windowsills and other flat surfaces
  • Automobiles (steering wheel, gear shifter, radio buttons, controls interior latches, door handles and the keys)
  • Suspicious powders or other substances

If you determine it to be necessary to test personal items, then you need to test the following items:

  • Computer keyboard and mouse, personal cell phones, headsets, ear phones, game controllers and remotes
  • Backpacks, purses and wallets. Sets of keys. Test the exterior surfaces (if possible) and interior pockets.
  • Clothing should be tested before washing.
  • Furniture, flat surfaces, portable mirrors, light switches, knobs, handles, latches, etc.
  • The lids and outsides of jars, tubes and other personal items that are frequently used but do not get wet. You may also want to check that these items do not have false bottoms or secret storage compartments.