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Electronic Countermeasure

Electronic Countermeasure

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Prevent your confidential information from being leaked to the wrong sources. You could be at risk for revealing your most intimate private details or exposing your firm or client’s intellectual property.

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Is your competition always 1 step ahead?
Do you often lose large bids by a small amount?
Is your costly information walking out the door?
Your conversations are safe, aren't they?

What can you do

You can protect yourself in two ways: Secure communications and safe practices. Empire Investigation & Security offers the best secure communications and technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) engineering in the industry. We back it up with the security training, consulting and know-how to keep your company secrets safe. To ensure the excellence of our TSCM procedures, we have gone to the added expense and licensing to align ourselves with Ross Engineering, Inc., the premier TSCM group. We do countermeasures one way, the Ross way, the right way. Our emphasis is on the corporate threat. Our TSCM teams regularly travel throughout the United States and abroad. In addition, we have affiliates worldwide in such places as Hong Kong and Buenos Aires. We are prepared to go wherever our clients need us.

Our experience

Our countermeasure teams consist of experienced professional technicians. They have real field experience, not just classrooms and technical journals. This can make a substantial difference when protecting your corporate information. Theories are one thing, but hard-earned experience is what separates us from the competition.

Our training

In addition to their formal training, our technicians have all gone through specialized Ross Engineering training. This is enhanced with an ongoing program of attending other training courses, seminars and lectures. In addition, we continually review the most current related trade publications and professional journals. We also evaluate the latest professional and consumer products that may pose threats or concerns.

Our staff

Our staff are handpicked from throughout the security industry: some from law enforcement, government or military service, and others from various related high-tech industries and engineering schools. We perform an extremely detailed in-depth background investigation on all personnel.

Our equipment

We utilize the latest equipment and technology available. In fact, leading equipment manufacturers frequently seek our advice on new equipment as well as our field testing and evaluation.

Deadlines and reliability

Even if you are hiring the best service available, it is no good if they are not there when you need them, or do not do what they say they are going to do. With years of experience working for major corporations, we have developed a reputation for reliability and consistently meeting deadlines. We are generally available for immediate service and are prepared to travel.

Service plans available

For many corporations, a continued service plan should seriously be considered. We offer plans that include countermeasures services on a semi-regular basis (as determined) as well as ongoing consultation. These plans offer an excellent level of protection as well as reduced cost to the client since the countermeasures team will become fully aware of your facility, phone systems, and unique characteristics.

Other related professionals

We work with various related security professionals from access control to computer security. We have established relationships with many experts and can call upon them and their services with confidence, knowing their level of expertise, reliability, and costs. They have already met our tough standards.

Cut through the hype

Do not be swayed by fancy web sites, glossy four-colored literature or expensive catalogs that were already out of date by the time the printing ink dried. Judge for yourself the reputation of a firm, both national and international - along with its number of years in the business, and the confidence it inspires in you. Certainly, advertising and marketing are just as important to our industry as to any other. But we do not hide behind flashy ad campaigns. We compete on our own merits, with more than two decades worth of experience in the secure communications industry. As for reputation, here is what a television news anchor at a major metropolitan network station wrote to us: Your state-of-the-art equipment worked flawlessly, and that, combined with your expertise, gave [us] a tool that most stations can only dream about.

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