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Computer Forensics, Private Investigator in Erie, Morgantown, Pittsburgh, Youngstown and New Castle, PA

Your virtual fingerprint can be identified by every click of the mouse that was ever made on a computer. And, today it's possible to recover deleted images and conversations that could assist you with pending legal cases. Your forensic needs can be met by Empire Investigation LLC's trained computer forensics professionals. Doing business today has never been more difficult when it comes to protecting your company's trade secrets and business strategy. In an environment of increasing technological advancements it's now more important than ever to strive to protect the security of our computers from prying data hackers. You have to remain diligent to protect personal and corporate information. News stories break every day about electronic security breaches, intrusions and electronic data theft. Large international criminal organizations utilize high tech methods to disrupt corporate operations and steal millions. Empire and its licensed affiliates utilize state-of –the art equipment and programs to conduct computer investigations:

Computer Forensics to recover deleted information

Email tracing to determine source and recipients

Internet profiling to track on-line activity, hackers, and identities linked to user names.

Track theft of intellectual property

Virus detection and removal

Computer Forensics Empire Investigation LLC.
Computer Forensics Empire Investigation LLC.