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Cell Phone Forensics

Cell Phone Forensics

Cellular Smartphone and Mobile Computing Device forensics analysis can provide valuable legal evidence for law suits particularly when incriminating information is discovered such as data loss, e-mails, texts , vital conversations, photographs, and messages can be stored on them and used against you. Our cell phone forensics investigators can retrieve valuable information from a cell phone whether it was deleted or not.

Cell Phone Forensics and Wiretap Detection in Erie, Morgantown, Pittsburgh, Youngstown and New Castle, PA

What you can expect from a Smartphone or other mobile data device forensic examination? Before we begin the step by step process we must identify the different types of mobile data acquisitions available for your particular cell phone. Our experienced investigators will know, or will research if the phone to be examined is able to be examined Logically ( if Data is present and easily seen, or with a deeper examination (Data that’s been deleted and must be recovered with software). There are different tools for each method the examiner can use, however, the investigator will be able to recover an amount of deleted text messages, as well as data that can be carved from application files. Knowing as much information about the case will help the examiner to pick the most appropriate available tools for the case. The Challenges There quite a few challenges with acquiring the data from Smart Cell phones. Several tools are needed to examine the different types of files held within the cell phone. Some of the forensic software’s have several different tools built into the software and automated for the examiner already. Preserving the Data The very first and most important step in any Digital Forensic examination is to protect the data from changing so to preserve the source data from changing. Knowing that a cell phone is a mobile device, there are many possibilities on how the device suddenly became an item of interest to be examined. Taking a picture of the cell phone, its screen, and any visible ports before deciding to cut the phone off or to have the phone forensically investigated is a reasonable and smart decision to make. Airplane mode is a recommended option to contain the existing information on the phone without remote interference to the data. The investigators will be responsible in establishing a chain of custody to follow the cell phone from the time the cell phone is in possession, until the forensics have been completed.